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Time:06:17 pm
Whew, been a while so I'm going to try to break this down all neat like ^^


RNG is up to 21 now =) And still having a total blast. I partied through 14-16 and had a rather cruddy Dunes party. I was getting tired of soloing worms so on a whim I put up my seek party flag and just shortly after got an invite. It was just three other people so I assume that the part was just getting started. When I got to Whitesands where they were camping I realized that no, it was just going to be the four of us. They had a PLer and were all wearing the same LS pearl. There was a RDM, a SAM and a SMN. They had an awesome SC set up with Shiva MBing but weren't killing fast enough so they invited me for extra damage. It was so much fun! Me and four hume girls (counting the PLer) kicking total butt. I partied for an hour and make6k exp. WELL worth it

Sooooo.... on my way back to Bastok who do I run into? My very good friend the Tremor Ram -.- The twirp never, ever spawns when I can kill him. The only time I see him is when I'm on a job that's under 20. In the past two weeks he has killed me four times. I stood there on the kill... just looking at him, a barely 17 RNG and debated. I knew chances were that I couldn't take him. But I had EES available and I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try.

I swear to Pete we were neck and neck >.> Both at a sliver of life, I had my bow drawn and he does a charge attack and sends me flying, interupts my shot. If I'd swung my darn dagger he would have died. But he didn't and I did. Someday Tremor Ram... someday!


Been working on Smithing lately, I think it's going to be my money making craft. Currently it's 10, been doing some low level synth for Arrow money. Trying to get up to Iron Sheet level if I can, without blowing too much gil. I've been gardening on an alt for crystals. I have enough saved up for my Noct gear and two Archer's Knives, with enough for atleast one piece of Noct +1 and I'm trying really hard not to put all my gil into crafting. I loooove crafting, and hope someday to get to a decent level where I can rest and just craft for a bit.

Been considering Woodworking, I know it would be helpful for arrows and shihei but I don't have the money to invest currently, and I have a good friend who's 60 Woodworking. I'm wondering if I can't work out a deal with him somehow, to be my arrow/shihei supplier ^^ Poooor little Gita's gotta be spending a lot of time in his Free Shihei box >=)

Also concidered taking up fishing again, I could very easily leve fishing while I'm watching TV or playing a PS2 game. Frankly, I'm just trying to avoid farming which I hate


A few nights ago I was up till early morning, well into JPN time. I was in Bastok Markets at the AH. I turn around and notice that there's a large group of peope gathered around the fountain. When I wander over I see 15 or so naked galka, all sitting in a line and all wearing silly hats. Random show!

I only caught the end of it, but it really made my night. Gave me that worm fuzzy "I Love this game!" feeling ^^

I found a new, very powerful pet. And damn cute too, best pet a BST could ask for >=)

It's the GafBunny!

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Subject:One dead Dragon... Two Dead Dragon... One Dead Jaf >:) ... One dead Hors ; ;
Time:03:19 pm
We fought the Bastok Dragon a few nights ago for Posides. He and Jaf oranized it, and invited me to be the second BST in their little plan. We entered the Burning Circle, each summoned a Carrie and waited for Call Beast timer to run down. Then Pos (who was a WAR) voked and 2hred the Eye to a greasy little spot and the Carrie Twins took on the Dragon. Our first round of Carries knocked the Dragon down to about 1/2 HP. I was really ompressed with how hard they were hitting. Except for one... small mishap ^^; haha, the fight went very well.

More Dragon fight screensCollapse )

In the end Pos had the means to get Rank 3 and we had:

Thankfully our wonderful Marigold was doing a BCNM at the time, so we waiting on her to raise.

Cause Mari rocks! (^.^)b

The next day we also did a run to get Gaf Windy Rank 3, cause I promised to get him Rank 5 back if he switched alliance and that was a while ago ^^; Pos helped again, Gaf brought his DRK and Horsdoeuvre came to be our second BST. I got slept right as I stepped into the room so things went a little haywire. And Hors ended up dying ; ; My screen cap program had crashed without me knowing it, so no screens from that fight >.>

But we got two people Rank 3 and only... two people died (^.^)b Go us
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Subject:{Ranger} {fun}
Time:03:03 pm
So, my PLD has been on hold for about two weeks now because my fiance hasn't been able to play and I'm in a half-static with his SAM. I've really been itching to level lately, which is odd, 9 months and my highest level is 33 (32 now, that story comes later) so I decided to level my THF which is still not 15 due to the fact that well...I don't like THF >:) It's lv 9 so I grabbed a bow and decided to try picking off the worms near the SAM NM spawn in Highlands. I had SO much fun knocking these T worms all to crap with my THF and her little bow that something got into my head to level RNG. Annnnddd...

I have a new love o.o Oh my god, haha. This job rocks. I've always thought it odd that I didn't pick up RNG from the start. I love bows, in most RPGs I end up being an archer/ranger of some sort if it's available but for no good reason I got my RNG up to 6 loved every second of but then didn't pick it up again.

I've gotten it up to 12 thus far, had to take some time to farm since I was broke. Yesterday I spend a few hours camping Juu Duzu the Whirlwind as my BST for the Hunter's Longbow. I was the only person at his spawn and killing placeholders. Just as I draw my Axe I see "Randommithra hits Juu Duzu the Whirlwind for 30 points of damaga" I nearly cried ; ;

So after she left I started once again to kill the Yagudo in the area. I was pulling the Yags with Charm because I'm too lazy to chase them around with my axe drawn waiting on them to start moving. Somehow I manage to hit charm on a Yagudo just as someone was running by with a massive Yagudo train. 30 Yagudo + 1 lowly BST without any Jugs = Level 32 AGAIN. That makes the 8th time I've "gained" level 32 ; ; I was livid

But later on that day while farming/exping off crawlers just for fun I did this:

Made me feel a titch better ^^

As did some very funny conversation in LS:

I love those guys :)
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Time:03:15 am
Hello ^^

Welcome to my first post. My name's Amarith, I'm an elvaan girl born in Sand'oria raised in Windurst. I'm a Beastmaster first, and a Paladin second. I've been playing FFXI for about nine months now but I have no job higher than 33. I'm a strong believe in leveling as you want to, not as others want you to. And though I'm just a lowbie, I feel a have a better knowledge of this game than most people 50+ I love Vanadiel and concider it my home, not just somewhere to level grind ^^

Some of my favorite things are exploring, I love finding neat little spots, and pretty areas. I also like cooking, and have been slowling leveling it since I started playing. I wanted a craft where I could make useful presents for my friends ^^ And cooking is certainly that craft. I love keeping all my friends well stocked on the best foods. Nothing better =)

I'm a member of AmicaBestia, Alexander's all BST LS. Shellholder in fact ^^ I love my linkshell to pieces, I've made the best friends a girl could ask for there and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I'm engaged to the most wonder man in all of Vanadiel, my Gafgarion. He's a Dark Knight, when I met him he was in Sandoria but not long after decided to move to Windurst. Guess I might have had a hand in that ;) He's my best friend, and a total hottie. So get use to hearing his name ^^

So, intro out of the way. In the past three days I've done the Dragoon dragon fight twice ^^ Once to finally get DRG for myself, and once helping Gaf do his. I think my wyvern was just too cute, he had to get one of his own. Copy cat ^^ My dragon fight it was me and my best friend Ziek, kicking dragon butt

Dragoon Dragon fight #1Collapse )

I somehow expected the dragon to be bigger... I dunno. Ziek and I missed the time by nearly 40 seconds, if we'd really tried I think we could have broken it though. Ziek's awesome ^^ Today Gaf and I did the fight with our friend from AmicaBestia, Tazmeko. Mmmm... BST AF. Gaf took screens of that, but I don't have them so they'll have to wait till next entry.

Ama and Sasavi lazing by the Cheval River

A very cute highlight of the day. Today in South Sandy a mithra named Flowershop was selling stacks and stacks of flowers. She was calling out "Flowers for sale!" and "Roses don't smell very good, but they sure are pretty!" it was so cute that I stopped and bought a flower from her. She made me smile

I might get to train my Paladin tomarrow with Gaf and his Samurai. I can only hope, I want very much to improve as a Paladin. It's all I've been able to think of lately. I love my second calling
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[icon] amarithofalex
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View:Website (AmicaBestia: An All BST LS).
You're looking at the latest 4 entries.